Vacation Planning Tips

Our vacation planning tips give you ideas for making your romantic vacations a little easier.

Focus on each other and not vacation planning!

Driving to your getaway? Rent a car and save wear and tear on your own.

Have lots of luggage but not enough room in your car? Rent a car a little bigger than your own.

Make sure you have up-to-date directions.

Maps and GPS systems are great for letting you arrive at your destination on time and with less stress!

If you're flying, be sure to arrive at the airport early. Keep valuables, essential travel documents and any other important or needed items in a carry on bag.

Off peak season is usually when you'll find cheap vacations. Summer is usually high peak with higher prices. Destination is key here.

You'll be disappointed if you want to head to New Jersey in December and swim in the Atlantic Ocean!

Florida, however, will not be as hot and humid in December as it is over the summer months.

Booking hotels, flights and car rentals in advance may save you money instead of waiting to book closer to your vacation date.

We hope you enjoy these tips and ideas. Savor being able to be alone with your sweetie, and vow to escape together more often.

May love and romance be with you always!

vacation planning tips suitcase packing

Pack your suitcases with ease and stop worrying about wrinkled clothing when you arrive at your romantic destination. Of course, if you're escaping for anniversary vacations or honeymoon getaways, romantic antics and not clothing will be on your minds!

vacation planning tips 3 letter airport codes

These 3 letter airport codes make booking your flights a little easier! Enter the codes into airfare search engines to search for flights.

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The travel glossary helps you learn more about travel terms. Learn what red-eye flight, shoulder season, special rate and more mean.

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