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Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon

Future newlyweds looking for wedding package deals in their state can find packages for small or larger weddings, and also honeymoon packages for the first honeymoon night as husband and wife.

So make your own wedding invitations, and look through wedding catalogs together, then decide on the place and venue that is just right for the two of you.

Escape for a romantic elopement for two. Enjoy a special vacation with your soulmate after you recite your vows.

Destination weddings let your family and friends get away with you and celebrate the big day, cheering you on by your sides.

Hold a reception to party the night away with your loved ones.

Congratulations on your upcoming big day.

May love and happiness be yours for as long as you both shall live.


Packages in the northeastern region are in Geneva on the Lake, Dundee, Conneaut, Dellroy, and Berlin.

The southeast and southwest region includes Logan (Hocking Hills), Cambridge and Mason.

bride and groom kiss

The state offers honeymoon and wedding package deals in the north central and northwest area of the state in Bellevue, Marblehead, Litchfield, Danville, Norwalk, Grand Rapids, and Bucyrus.

Ohio Marriage Law

For ID you'll need a driver's license, visa, passport and social security numbers.

You don't have to be a resident of Ohio but you have to apply for the license in the county you will marry in.

The license is valid for 60 days, and only usable in Ohio.

If you've been married before you'll need a certified copy of a divorce decree or a copy of a death certificate. You apply in person and pay the fee in cash.

There is no waiting period, no blood test, and no proxy marriages. 

Persons age 18 to 21 will need a birth certificate, and those age 16-17 need parental consent.


Packages in the central part of the state include wedding package deals located in Chandler, Edmond, and Oklahoma City.

There's ceremonies for two, western weddings, honeymoon cottages, and ceremonies outside for exchanging vows.

couple in snow

Vacation wedding and honeymoon packages in other areas of the state are located in Guymon, Catoosa, Octavia, Stuart, and Tulsa.

Indulge in truffles, rose petals on your bed, outdoor gazebo vow exchanges, and romantic honeymoon cabins.

Oklahoma Marriage Laws

Both people must apply in person for the license and pay cash or money order. A driver's license, certified birth certificate, passport or social security numbers are need for identification.

You do not have to be a resident of Oklahoma. There is no waiting period for the license. The marriage license is valid for 10 days and can be used only in Oklahoma.

If you were previously married, you will need a certified copy of the divorce decree or a death certificate copy.

No blood test is needed. There are no marriages by proxy.

Persons under age 18 need their parents to accompany them to the courthouse so they can sign a consent form. The applicants will wait 3 days for a valid license.


This state has the Oregon Coast and its cities and towns of Newport, Oceanside, Pacific City, Arch Cape and Depoe Bay that make for picturesque weddings for couples who love being near the water.

Have a small ceremony to say "I do" then enjoy honeymoon packages which offer chilled bubbly, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, truffles and more.

newlyweds walking to beach

Other areas with wedding package deals include Dayton, Jacksonville, McMinnville, and South Beach.

Choose your elopement or event package and indoor or outdoor venue, then indulge in a honeymoon package with chocolates and wine.

Getting Married in Oregon

Both applicants need to apply in person and pay cash for the license. A driver's license, certified birth certificate, passport or social security numbers are needed as ID.

You do not have to be a resident of Oregon. There is a 3 day waiting period for issuance of the license. The license is valid for 60 days and can only be used in Oregon.

If you were married before you will need to put your divorce date on the application.

No blood test is required. Under Oregon marriage law, there are no marriages by proxy.

Age 17 applicants can only be married if the parents sign a consent form. 18 is Oregon's legal marriage age.

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