Elope Ideas
Delaware and Georgia

Elope ideas for couples who are looking to get married in the pretty states of Delaware and Georgia.

Start your new life together in an indoor or outdoor wedding and reception with friends and family by your side.

Couples on a budget will like cheap honeymoon ideas while other newlyweds to be will enjoy the all inclusive wedding package information and wedding reception packages.

Destination weddings allow close family and friends to be by your sides as you recite your vows and become husband and wife.

Once the reception party is over, the two of you can begin your new lives together, and your guests can start their own vacation.

These two states offer lots of ideas for making your big day memorable.


The state offers couples who love the ocean a ceremony by the water.

My cousin eloped to Rehoboth Beach, and the sunset wedding pictures are spectacular. After the ceremony, they had a picnic reception by the water, and I couldn't imagine a more perfect day- for them and their guests!

You'll find wedding, honeymoon and reception packages in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Wilmington and Newark.


newlyweds by the ocean

This peach state offers historic towns and indoor or outdoor vow ceremonies for engaged couples in Savannah.

The northwestern region includes Chatsworth, Atlanta, and Cartersville.

The southeast and southwest area includes Thomasville and Jekyll Island while the northeast area has packages in Clayton, Dahlonega, Washington and Watkinsville.

Georgia Marriage Laws

Both persons apply in person and will need 2 forms of ID (driver's license, birth certificate, passport, Armed Forces card).

You don't have to be a resident of Georgia. If one person IS a resident of Georgia, you can get the license in any county. If neither persons are residents, the license must be acquired in the county where the wedding will take place.

License fee is paid in cash and is cheaper if you have a certificate from a premarital education class. If you were previously married bring a copy of your divorce decree.

Georgia fountain

There is no waiting period, no blood tests, or no marriages by proxy. 

18 is the legal age to marry. If under age 18, persons need both parents or legal guardians to give consent in person.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We hope you find the venue of your dreams for your special day. May love always be with you.

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