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Discount vacations offer great travel discounts and packages featuring reduced airfare prices, discounted hotel rooms and car rentals. For couples who are trying to save a bit but still want to travel together, hunting for bargains is a great place to start.

Savings vary throughout the year. Perhaps if you want to go away in summer but the airfares and hotel rooms are too high prices, you can go away in the spring or fall instead.

Cheap vacations allow you to stick to your travel budget. You'll also have a lot more fun as you won't be focused on what you are spending and how much the vacation is costing you.

To find discount travel deals including low cost rental cars and airfares, check our resources for last minute deals and sales.

You can compare prices from several providers which will help in keeping your vacation costs as low as possible.

Seasonal travel (low peak times) can save you money as can military discounts, AAA membership, AARP membership (50 and older), senior discounts (62 and older) and credit card discounts (if your credit card company offers this).

Most airlines offer discounts for seniors. Be sure to ask to get the lowest possible price.

Traveling in the low peak season is usually the cheapest.

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To procur low cost airfares, the farther you book your flight in advance the cheaper it should be.

The closer you book to your travel date, the more expensive it tends to be.

Off season also lets you avoid crowds and save money on hotels.

If your schedule is flexible and you can travel on short notice, you may realize some savings with a last minute vacation deal including low cost car rentals.

Including a Saturday overnight stay, traveling early in the morning or later at night, and accepting a flight with one or two stops can also lower your ticket price.

It's usually more expensive to fly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays while Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually cost less.

However, this could prove not to be true if you're traveling during high peak.

Summer flights will usually cost more as more people vacation in the United States during this time.

Prices usually start to come down in the fall at the end of August or beginning of September through November.

We hope our ideas for vacations will help you plan your perfect romantic vacations.

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