Romantic Presents

What are the most romantic presents you've ever received?

Romantic gifts don't have to be reserved for special occasions!

Romance should be celebrated every day in a relationship, and receiving gifts that elude to that on regular days throughout the year helps keep the passion candle burning.

Receiving tokens of love on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine's Day is nice, too.

If you're escaping for a romantic weekend break, we have some romantic ideas for gifts to surprise your sweetie.

Enjoying a honeymoon vacation? Some alone time will heat up the romance.


Delectable chocolates will stir up the taste passions.

Does your sweetie love gourmet coffee? Brew up a pot of your soulmate's favorite flavor.

More Ideas

three red roses

Does your sweetie love jewelry? Necklaces, earrings and rings can be gifts cherished for a lifetime.

Does your sweetie love flowers or plants? Her favorite colored roses or tulips or his favorite plant wrapped in a bow of their favorite color is a very special gift.

Personalize them with a handmade card for extra love points. Cards are also a great gift any time of the year. Let your sweetheart know you're thinking about them.

Gift Baskets

These can be personalized with your soulmate's favorite things. Does she love spa treatments? Does he like coffee and tea or gourmet popcorn?

Or how about a gourmet cookie gift basket you both can share over your favorite steaming hot beverage.

Want to toast to your love? You'll love the wine and cheese gift baskets.

Other Gift Ideas

Love to write? Give your sweetie some romantic poetry laced with lots of sensual words. Or give her a pretty photo album with lots of photos of the two of you.

Look up into the sky and pick out a star and name it for your sweetie. Do a message in a bottle and announce a day in the future for it to be opened and read by your soulmate.

Have a pet name for your lover? Find a stuffed animal that matches the name. Her favorite body lotion or his favorite cologne are good standbys!

Does your honey like music? Compile a cd with his favorite songs. Does she love romance movies? Give her a dvd of her most favorite one.

Now we want to hear your ideas for romantic presents.

What was the most special gift you ever received and what made it so special to you? Was it a special occasion or a "just because" gift?

May love and romance be with you always!

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