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Our travel glossary lets you see at a glance what common travel terms mean. Not sure what a red-eye flight is? Want to know what a Saturday night stay means? You'll find it here.

Airport Codes - 3 letter codes to identify city airports.

Baggage Check - Receipt issued by a carrier for luggage.

Baggage Tag - Personal identification attached to luggage checked by an airline.

Base Fare - Price of travel services before taxes and add-on charges.

Blackout Periods - Periods of high demand when special rates are not in effect.

Boarding Pass - A receipt stating the seat assignment.

Bumping - Removing confirmed passengers from overbooked flights.

Business Class - Airplane section located between coach and first class for the business traveler.

Cancellation Penalty - Penalty charged when a confirmed and paid booking is cancelled.

Car Class - Size and type of rental car - economy, mid-size, full-size, luxury.

Car Rental Agreement - Contract between car rental agency and customer.

Carry-on - Baggage taken on board the airplane.

Companion Fare - Airfare where a second ticket may be purchased at a discount if two people are traveling together.

ConfirmationReservation, verbal or written, stating a booking has been accepted subject to certain conditions.

Connecting Flight - Flight on which passengers must change airplanes at some point.

Discount Airfares - Promotional fares that may be offered at specific times and durations.

Domestic Fare - Fare charged for travel within a country.

Drop Off Charges - Fees assessed when a rental car is picked up at one location and dropped off at another.

Electronic Ticket - "Paperless" ticket which allows customer to check in with proper photo identification.

Excursion Fare - Round-trip fare with restrictions.

Extended Stay - Hotel stay of seven or more nights.

First Class - Highest class of service on an airplane.

Frequent Flyer Program - Airline club in which members earn points or miles for trips taken. May be redeemable for free travel.

Joint Fare - Special fare for travel on two or more airlines to a destination.

Layover - Period of time spent before boarding another flight.

Leisure Travel - Travel for pleasure.

Lowest Available Fare - Current lowest airfare available for purchase at that moment.

Mileage Allowance/Mileage Cap - Number of miles a rented car is driven beyond the mileage allowance.

Mileage Charge - Charge per mile if a rental car is driven beyond specified miles.

Minimum Connect Time - Minimum amount of time needed to transfer between flights.

Non-refundable - Airline ticket, if canceled, will not return money to the customer.

Non-transferable - Airline ticket not able to be used by anyone else.

Nonstop - Flight that does not stop while on route to its destination.

Offline Connection - Change of aircraft along with a change of carriers.

Off-peak - Season or time when less travel occurs. Fares tend to be lower.

Overbooking - Airline sells more seats than are available on a flight.

Package - Tickets or services grouped together and sold at one all-inclusive price.

Point-to-Point - Fares between two cities.

Published Fare - Rate offered directly by the airlines and usually the highest rates available.

Red-eye Flight - Overnight flight leaving at night and arriving early the next morning.

Reissue - New ticket created in exchange for another due to change of plans. Usually involves fees and/or penalties.

Round Trip - Flight to a single destination and a return.

Saturday Night Stay - Airline requirement that travel must include a Saturday night stay over to obtain the lowest fare.

Shoulder Season - Time between high and low seasons when rates for a destination are between their highest and lowest.

Unlimited Mileage - Driving a rental car with no restrictions on mileage and no additional mileage charges.

Unrestricted Fare - Airfare with no special advance purchase, Saturday stay or other travel requirements which is usually refundable.

We hope you find our travel glossary helpful. May love and romance be with you always!

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