A Romantic Nappanee Vacation

A romantic Nappanee vacation in Amish country! For couples who want a vacation that is peaceful and serene, you will love this area of the state. Enjoy the great outdoors and time with your honey.

Your romantic escape offers you and your soulmate visits to Amish farms and markets where you can find furniture, quilts and good food! The Amish have very good food, so make sure to try some when you are here.

Make this a romantic weekend break to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. Indulge the one you love and pamper each other as you forget about everything else except each other. 

Take a longer romantic vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Escape here for honeymoon vacations. If you want a low-key and romantic honeymoon away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you'll love it here.

Or take a much needed mid-week break to get away from the office and reconnect with each other.

Romance Packages

Our romantic bed and breakfast packages let you savor chocolates, intimate and romantic dinners for two and a romantic board game to play and keep.

The Victorian Guest House

You'll love the quaintness and quietness of Nappanee.

See the Sights

Step out of your room to see what this pristine area has to offer.

  • Visit the Round Barn Theatre.
  • Shop at antique stores.
  • Check out lots of historic places.
  • Check out the shopping at Borkholder's Dutch Village with 300 different vendor booths.
  • Go antiquing downtown for that perfect treasure.
  • Snuggle together with popcorn in the Nappanee Theatre.
peach and blue sunset
  • Enjoy Amish homemade food and dine at Mulletts Dining. Amish food is a treat you must try while you are here.
  • Enjoy a musical theatre show together at Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre.

Find places to eat and more things to do here

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Walk or hike scenic trails with their spectacular nature views. Bird and wildlife watch.

Stop for a romantic picnic lunch, then continue walking hand in hand on the trails.

Escape for some rejuvenating time with your soulmate. Rejoice in each other and your love.

Be sure to get away at least once per year for a vacation on your own. Take time each day for solitude with each other.

Enjoy these Nappanee romantic vacations!

Love and romance be with you always!

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