Louisiana Weddings

Louisiana weddings make for fine romantic vow exchanges, honeymoons and receptions for couples looking for elopements and small intimate weddings indoors or outdoors.

Become husband and wife in a southern state with a fairly mild climate throughout the year. Louisiana is a very pretty state, and there's lots of fun things to do as a couple.

Small destination weddings with friends and family can make your big day even more special.

Let others do the planning while the two of you enjoy a memorable ceremony and reception. Stress-free is the only way to go on the big day!

Be sure to get out and see the Louisiana attractions together after your big day celebration has passed.

How does it feel stepping out as husband and wife? Any different?

Long live love! May you go happily through life together as the years pass you by.

Not sure how many guests you want to invite? How about a mid-sized celebration? Let someone else do all the planning, arrangements and clean up for you. Just show up, get married and party the night away.

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Samuel Guy House B&B has two packages. "Romantic Weddings for Two" includes an overnight stay, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, small cake, officiate, candlelight breakfast. This is perfect for the couple who just want to run away and tie the knot, then celebrate their love.

The "Deluxe for Two" package includes a 2 night stay, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, small cake, bouquet, boutonniere, officiant, and candlelight breakfast.

You can't get much more romantic than this!

Savor the beginning of your lives, and make memories for forever on this most important day.

Places to dine at

See the sights

Maison Louisiane has large celebration packages and an elopement package for two that includes a one night stay, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, small cake, officiate and candlelight breakfast.

They also have a "Deluxe For Two" package with the elopement package items plus a bouquet and boutonniere.

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Dansereau House offers indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, then start your new life as husband and wife in the honeymoon suite. Enjoy a summer wedding and reception in the great outdoors.

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May you always have the love and peace in your hearts that you have on your special day.

May God bless you throughout your lives as you grow in love. Always kiss goodnight, and cherish each other daily.

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