A Romantic Jackson Vacation

Welcome to a romantic Jackson vacation in Jackson Mississippi - perfect for wedding locations, weekend get aways or anniversary vacations.

Hide away with your sweetie in romantic inns offering you a jacuzzi suite (sure to turn up the romantic heat). De-stress and relax with your love and let life's daily stress and strain slowly melt away. Renew your love and rejuvenate your souls.

Enjoy wine or chilled champagne, cheese, flowers and a romantic southern breakfast in your room. This is romance at its best.

The packages lull you away where nothing else exists but the two of you. Focus only on each other.

The lodgings call you to forget about the world.

Cuddle together and celebrate meeting your soulmate.

Savor time just with the two of you; do whatever you want to reconnect.

Romance Packages

Old Capitol Inn

Fairview Inn Bed and Breakfast

Once you've made some Mississippi love and have spent romantic alone time together, head out and enjoy the many sights and things to do in Jackson Mississippi.

romantic couple


  • Agricultural Museum.
  • Manship House Museum.
  • Municipal Art Gallery.
  • Museum of Natural Science.
  • Oaks House Museum.
  • Old Capitol Museum.
  • Smith Robertson Museum.
  • Mississippi Museum of Art.
  • Governors Mansion.
  • Russell C Davis Planetarium.
  • Thalia Mara Hall.
  • Eudora Welty House Museum.
  • McGee's Castle.
  • Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame Music Museum.
  • Mississippi Petrified Forest Museum.
  • Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.
  • LeFleur's Bluff State Park - awesome sunrise!
colorful garden

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Don't miss the Mynelle Gardens - you'll love the cascading pools. Walk hand in hand across bridges over a pond. You'll arrive at a wildlife sanctuary filled with songbirds. Pack a lunch for a romantic picnic break.

You can golf, play tennis and walk the many nature paths and trails. Be sure to catch a romantic sunset.

Check out the many botanical gardens in Jackson. For a romantic proposal idea - get down on one knee amongst the gorgeous scenery.

Visit the Fondren District- check out the neat boutiques, antiques and art galleries. And do a walking tour of the downtown historic sites. Check out the monuments & memorials, too.

With so much to do, be sure and spend some extra intimate time alone when you return to relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy your romantic Jackson vacation.

Love and romance be with you always!

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