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Welcome to Espanola New Mexico and romantic getaways for two. Take time away with the love of your life to relax and unwind. Rejuvenate as you focus only on each other. Renew the bonds of love between you.

Stop by for honeymoon vacations, anniversary getaways and weekend vacations. Pamper the one you adore on a birthday surprise getaway.

Toast to your love with champagne. Forget about the outside world and focus only on the one you love.

Enjoy a very romantic candlelight dinner, in room sensuous couples massages and a romantic gift basket. De-stress and let the tensions of the outside world fade away.

If you've never been to this area of the state, the inns tempt you with promises of loads of romance and fun. 

Escape for intimate time you can't get with the worries of the world.

Your relationship will be more healthy and happy due to the time you spent alone.

Romance Packages

Santa Claran Hotel Casino

Inn at the Delta

You'll love the spectacular views of the Rio Grande Valley, Jemez Mountains and Truchas Peaks.

These majestic backdrops make for great proposal ideas. 

Ask her to marry you then spread out a picnic lunch to celebrate the beginning of your new lives.

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Lots to Do and See

Summer offers hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, biking, whitewater rafting and kayaking. For couples who love being outside, this is a great choice for your romantic excursion.

Escape for a winter break and enjoy gorgeous snow capped peaks, mountains and trails. You can ski and snowboard.

Take a scenic driving tour.

You'll love the villages, Rio Grande River, hot springs, churches and mountains.

Head out early to see a gorgeous sunrise. Pack a picnic lunch and dine among panoramic views.

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  • Bandelier National Monument.
  • Cities of Gold Casino.
  • Camel Rock Casino.
  • Eight Northern Pueblos.
  • Santa Fe Vineyards - taste test and enjoy a romantic picnic. Proposal idea - get down on one knee in the vineyards at sunset!
  • Puye Cliff Dwellings - The Cliff Trail and The Mesa Top Trail are self guided tours with gorgeous views at the top.
  • Bradbury Science Museum.
  • San Juan Lakes - go fishing!
  • Santa Cruz Lake National Recreation Area.

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Enjoy these romantic New Mexico vacations!

Love and romance be with you always!

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