Romantic Cheap Beach Vacations
In Ocean City NJ

There's something about cheap beach vacations that just spells romance.

When you escape to the OC, you'll find plenty of relaxing in the sun, fun all day, and chances for that love spark to ignite and never go out.

You'll enjoy seeing the Ocean City attractions together, relaxing together, and heating up the sheets when the sun goes down.

Enjoy a spring, summertime or fall romantic vacation at the Jersey Shore.

Stroll hand in hand on the beach. Swim and play in the ocean.

Watch the sunrise one morning and the sun set one evening.

If you're planning to surprise her, guys, with a question of marriage, get down on one knee as the sun is setting on the Boardwalk.

You'll find lots of romance, plenty of sun, and plenty of things to do and see in this city on your romantic couple's cheap beach vacations.

Romantic Hotel Packages

Northwood Inn Bed & Breakfast offers special romantic couple time with keepsake champagne glasses, wine goblets, roses, a flower arrangement, poem, and a romance pic of the two of you.

Scarborough Inn spells romance with a specially designed package the two of you create. You can include a romantic dinner, flowers, spa treatments and delicious, savory chocolates.

Atlantis Inn Luxury B&B offers a sweetheart package with a bouquet of flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, and a chilled bottle of sparkling bubbly. You can also get a framed photo of the two of you, and roses.

Serendipity Bed and Breakfast lets you relax romantically at the beach together. Enjoy ocean yellow and orange sunsets, romantic sunrises and hand-in-hand walks on the beach.

Savor fresh flowers, a box of salt water taffy or fudge, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, keepsake champagne flutes, breakfast, and snacks.
red roses bouquet

Lots of Things to See and Do

Head out for an early morning walk on the Boardwalk. Or rent a bike and pedal leisurely on the 2 1/2 miles that it stretches out.

Propose as you soar above the crowds on a ferris wheel ride. How romantic would it be to ask her to marry you as you're stopped on top of the ride overlooking the ocean?

Catch a movie one day, play mini golf another, and enjoy the summer concerts with the one you love.

Check out the many shops for that souvenir tee shirt or other keepsake momento.

Visit the Bayside Center for exhibits and displays on the bayfront at Great Egg Harbor Bay.

Head to the Waterfront Park and Marina and go sailing on the water while enjoying gorgeous views.

Learn how to fly a kite at the Leading Edge Kite School. Or see the city view from high above as you go parasailing for a bird's eye view of the city and its beaches.

Go fishing, head to the waterpark for some cooling off, visit the Historical Museum and the Discovery Sea Shell Museum.
white sand beach and ocean
Stop by Corson’s Inlet State Park for hiking, wildlife watching, and boating on the water.

Surfing loving couples can head to Snicklefritz Reef to have their fun in the water. This area has gorgeous sunsets, perfect for another romantic spot to ask her to spend forever with you.

Later, enjoy a candlelight ghost tour around town then head back to your lodging to spend alone time together.

You'll love your beach getaway with your soulmate. Enjoy the time spent with each other away from everyday life.

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Enjoy your romantic cheap beach vacations.

East coast beach vacations are always fun, but they are certainly more special when you are with the one you love.

Romance seems more heightened when you are by the water.

Maybe it's the sunsets and sunrises, or maybe it's just that magical spell that seems to cast over love when you're at the beach.

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