A Romantic Boise Vacation

Escape to a romantic Boise vacation perfect for wedding destinations, honeymoon getaways and romantic weekend getaways.

Or whisk your soulmate away to romantic inns to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Pamper and indulge the love of your life as you get away from every day life and focus on each other totally and intimately.

The packages are calling you with champagne, a very intimate and romantic candlelight bath for two, massages and truffles.

After your relaxing bath, continue to de-stress by toasting your love for each other cuddled up by the romantic fireplace as it casts its warm and gentle glow on your faces.

The B&Bs offer much needed time away from the real world so you can reconnect and fall more deeply in love. Savor this special time with your honey.

Romantic Hotel Packages

The Anniversary Inn

Idaho Heritage Inn

votive candles

Boise Attractions

  • Boise Greenbelt.
  • Boise River - walk the river hand-in-hand at sunset and sunrise for gorgeous views. A nice place to ask the love of your life to marry you.
  • Boise Art Museum.
  • Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.
  • Idaho Botanical Garden. A nice place to pop the question to your love, guys. Don't forget the camera!
  • Idaho Shakespeare Festival.
  • Warhawk Air Museum.
  • World Center for Birds of Prey.
  • Idaho Historical Museum
  • Kathryn Albertson Park
  • Zoo Boise - nice to visit for couples who love animals.
  • Barber Park - float down the river together.
  • Camel's Back Park - adventurous couples can go mountain bike riding and take in the beauty of their surroundings.
  • Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center
  • National Interagency Fire Center and Wildland Firefighters Monument

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For nature lovers check out the Boise Ridge to Rivers Trail System - there's over 125 miles of trails! Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a romantic lunch by the river. Relax in serenity surrounded by nature and your soulmate.

green grass and green trees at pond

You'll love the scenic views of mountains, canyons and rivers. Take a hot air balloon ride for a spectacular view you'll never forget! Unique proposal idea and a day she will never forget!

Prefer to stay on the ground? Take a trolley tour!

Enjoy these romantic vacations in Boise! Vacationing together will help you establish a connection that may be a little loose.

Love and romance be with you always!

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