Underwater Night Dive Proposal

by Odette D'Aniello

My husband's proposal to me 14 years ago was most romantic.

We had been living together for three years and decided it was time to tie the knot at some point. My husband and I were avid scuba divers ( I worked on boats as a divemaster, in fact). We were on a night dive and he purchased some new gear- an underwater etch-a-ketch.

Our dive involved a deep dive through a coral hole. At the very end, I found a huge moray eel. I was trying to grab David's attention but when I shone my flashlight on him, he was kneeling there in front of me.

We established eye contact and he pulled out a satin rose and his etch-a-sketch that read "Odette, I want to spend the rest of my life with you." "Will you marry me." Then he pulled out a gallon ziplock bag and in it was my beautiful diamond ring, which he put on my finger. I was laughing so hard and noticed he had a scared look. When I nodded "yes" he was relieved and took my hand as we dove around some more.

We were the last ones on the boat because my husband had informed the captain about the proposal. When I surfaced, everyone threw rice and screamed

Our wedding took place six months later and we'll be celebrating our 14th Anniversary this year :)

Romantic Dinner Proposal

by Kristie Koehn

I knew we were going to get engaged as we had picked out the ring together.

On this specific evening, my parents were taking us out to dinner; this was also the day we picked up the ring.

I had jokingly asked my husband if he was going to get my dad's permission to marry me and he just laughed it off.

We went to dinner. The drinks arrived, along with the appetizers and so on.

Then, in between our after dinner coffee and desert, he gets down on one knee right in the middle of the restaurant.

If you know my husband, you know he is not one for public speaking and to have him confess his love for me and ask for my hand in marriage in front of my parents and wait staff, blew me away!

Then after the commotion, my mom looked at my dad and asked, "Did you know about this?" To which he replied, "Yes, he asked for my permission..."

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