Sailing into the Sunset

by Nicole
(Houston, TX)

My fiancé and I were dating long-distance and I was planning to go see him for a weekend where we would celebrate my birthday that had occurred two weeks before.

He surprised me by driving up to a dock and organizing a private sunset sailing cruise with fruit and wine. Still thinking this was a surprise for my birthday, we enjoyed sailing past the boardwalk and gazing into the beautiful sunset. While sitting at the front of the boat, he brought me a bottle that contained a message inside which described a noble and honorable woman as portrayed in Proverbs 31 and explained how he had seen these character traits within me which is what he was looking for in a wife. After the sweet note, he bent down on a knee and proposed.

After our romantic cruise, we went to an elegant restaurant that overlooked the boardwalk and had a very exquisite dinner for the two of us and celebrated our new engagement.

Later in the evening he told me there was more and took me to the beach where a pathway of candles led up to a table for two with flowers, wine, and dessert. The perfect evening was still followed by more with a great brunch the next day with both of our families to begin our new life together.

Fireworks, The Stars and You

by Sherrie White

We had only been dating about 5 months when, on my birthday, on a hike, on a bluff, he got down on one knee and said,"Remember when I said I'd love you till the stars go dark? Will you marry me?" and out came the ring.

But wait there's more.

That night he took me and my 2 sons - ages 17 and 19 - to a restaurant on the riverfront on top of a hotel.

The restaurant spins. At one point fireworks went off. (A baseball game was starting).

But to have fireworks with a view of the riverfront with the Arch in the background for most of the dinner was awesome.

Timing is Everything

by Gina Gallo

When I was 22, my honey asked me to marry him. It was sweet and well-meaning, and I said, "No". Truthfully, I said, "What? No, why would you ask that right now? No!" (Yes, my nickname is Ms. Tactful.) I said no because I knew that I wanted to go back to college and get my degree. My financial aid would be drastically lower if I was married. He understood and we went on.

When I was 29 in 2008, I graduated from college with a 3.8 Magna cum Laude degree in education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. On June 1st, his 30th birthday and our 11th anniversary, we went to lunch at South Seas Diner. This was the restaurant where he first said that he loved me. We try to get there every year to celebrate our anniversary. We were talking about the beautiful day when the waitress brought our drinks. Then, he just brought out the ring and proposed. Whereupon, I promptly burst into the most embarrassing crying fit ever. I tried to call my Mom, but I couldn't speak through the tears and then, when I gave the phone to Josh, he was laughing too hard to speak, so she was all panicked thinking that we had gotten into a car accident. Josh finally told her and she told me that she already known, because he asked my parents permission first. It was a simple proposal and one of my fondest memories. We will be getting married sometime in 2010. We just have to save enough money for it.

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